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Full Version: Help For First Compiling
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Hi there,
i would like to try to compile something for pdaxrom
i've found GnuDoku, it seems to be a fun game
I've downloaded the X86pdaxrom in iso format
but when i've the os launched, i don't know what to do

so i've untar the sources of the program in my home
and in the readme in the source it is written that i have to write
make install

so after make i've some errors and i can't go further

so i've 2 questions:
i've read you have to make a configure with a big line of parameters, is it usefull for the iso version of the SDK?
the program is based on GTK, so how can i know if i have the correct library installed at the right place and how can i know if they are the good version?

thanks in advance smile.gif
If i remember correctly the pdaxrom iso does not contain the cross compile sdk for pdaxrom on the zaurus, it is just a distribution that contains what is needed to use the cross-sdk or the builder. (but this might have change)

the cross sdk is in /opt/cross/.....

You will need an ext2 (or ext3, another possibility might be to make an image with dd on a fat filesystem..) partition on your hard disk.

If you don't have the crosscompiler, download the one here:

untar the archive and on your hard disk partition and make a link (ln -s ... sorry I don't remember the details) so that you have a structure like /opt/cross/3.3.2 ...).

After that run the script in /opt/cross/3.3.2...) this script will set the path for you.

With the latest sdk, when there is a configure script using:

[CODE}./configure --host=armv5tel-cacko-linux --build=i686-linux[/CODE]

is generally enough.

If you have only a Makefile, you will have to modify it or maybe run it
with some environnement variables set, something like:

[CODE]CC=armv5tel-linux-gcc CXX=armv5tel-linux-g++ make[CODE]

see also :

Though some things(the paths, the x includes
are not required) have changed the info is still usefull to get started.

Finally if you allready have linux on your desktop, you probably can install the sdk on your existing linux, without bothering with the live cd.

hope this helps.........
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