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Full Version: Xcas Installation On Sl-5500
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I've been trying to get XCAS (or some good computer algebra system) to install on my new SL-5500 (running OZ 3.5.3 + GPE), but am not having success, probably because I'm nt very familiar with Linux. Thus my question:

Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing XCAS on my SL-5500 (I don't have a network card, but I do have a card reader, an SD card, a CF card, and a Windows XP system)?

Or, conversely, I've been talking to Lardman because I saw that he uses XCAS (and has an .ipk for it), but he sent this reply:

I have a feeling that this stuff is built using ARM5 (as my toolchain is setup for my C750), and you need ARM4 so:
1. it may not install as ipkg won't recognise the arch and,
2. you may get unknown instruction errors when you run it.

Hmm, if you can find someone with a GPE 5500 setup with OE/BB I'll give you/them the patches for giac to get it to build.

Can anyone help out with this?

There's a bug tracker post for giac (which is what you actually want - xcas is just the GUI for it), this has patches which allow giac in OE to compile.

If someone has a working build system setup for 5500/non-arm5 and GPE I can walk you through it.

I would do it myself, but my toolchain is setup for c7x0 so produces (I think) arm5 binaries which probably won't work on the collie,


P.S. I would request this in the upgrades thread but hrw said that GPE stuff would have to wait for a while (and he's probably on his hols too)
Assuming I ever get my build system up and working, I'd be happy to compile it for you. Right now, I need to get my build system up, and hopefully the nice people in the other forum will help me. Heh... tongue.gif

Until then... you can either try it yourself or look for another volunteer to get it working for you. (Stupid differences in processors!!)
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