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Full Version: Developing For C3000 W/ Sharp Rom?
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Hi folks. Just got my C3000, would like to start doing some development and wanted to see how others are proceeding.

It looks like there are two possibilites: Openembedded, and the zgcc packages.

I honestly can't make heads or tails of the docs in the wiki at It's not even clear to me if the C3000 with the Sharp ROM is supported, or if it makes sense to go down that road for other than full OE builds - which isn't, at the moment, my goal. I just want to build a modified version of jumpx (double the size for the higher resolution of the C3000).

I've tried installing the zgcc packages right to my Z, but am having some trouble with include paths. That may just be because of something in the package I'm trying to recompile though. I don't know anything about Qt development or tmake (I've mostly been a GTK guy until now) so maybe I just have to bang my head against that for a while.

How are you folks compiling stuff for the C3000?

Take a look around at Trolltech's stuff for QT Embedded. They have free (open source) tools and downloads for cross-compilers and libraries. That's assuming you're programming apps. Kernel hacking uses the same tools, but look at the Cacko ROM, Tetsu, and OpenZaurus threads/sites for pointers.
Developing for the Sharp Rom means you need to use gcc 2.95.x and qtopia 1.5 (although some 1.6 or 1.7 apps will also work if you have the correct libs installed).

I've been struggling with OE and gcc 2.95.3 but haven't had much luck getting it to compile qtopia apps, command line apps generally compile fine but.

zgcc is an arm compile so it only works on your zaurus - this is really really slow and you will need extra swap space if you compile anything complicated.

Your other option is cross-compiling on your desktop machine, you can grab a cross-compiler toolchain from a number of places - have a look at

If you don't have a linux box, then you might be interested in

hope this helps

QUOTE( @ Jul 13 2005, 04:07 AM)
I've tried installing the zgcc packages right to my Z, but am having some trouble
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