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Full Version: Can't Get Gaim To Working On C3100
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I can't get gaim woking on my SL-C3100, I used the the instructions on the gaim page, and when i launch it, gaim window is there except there are no icons or options to do anything. Please help.
i got it working on the c1000. its the same thing as your handheld.

if your interested, i can leave the information here or post if you got it working already

i was driving on the freeway with my bluetooth cellphone enabled and the zaurus on for a good 4 hours. Gaim did not crash or anything. It was fun though i was waiitng for someone to log into it so i can chat away. Anyway, it works for msn.

just post here and ill put more information about it how i got it to work if your still interested. its simple really!

small update,

its working msn at the moment. talking to some guy from france i know from unreal 2004. chatting, gathering personal info, etc. far so good and no crashes.

I did notice so far that any changes i make needs a small restart of the....wi fi now instead of bluetooth.

it works...
im gona list the files you need to run gaim

on the c1000 but still works for yours as well...all to main memory

after install, remove magnification by holding down on gaim icon (2sec) and remove magnification, reboot, then run program, create user (i tried msn cuz i hear others might have a problem), after you create your account, shut down program and restart. and log in. It takes time for you to get use to it. it works and when you log in, the only way you find out if you logged in is if you click on the right swings back between logged accounts and your friendly list. on the left, you can highlight the guy you want to chat with and then you click on chat icon and chat away. you can have multiple chat windows open within gaim.

here is the location of the downloads.

here is the files you need...nothing else and nothing newer.

libgaim-protocols_0.71-1_arm.ipk (this one installs all of them or just install the one particular one that you want such as msn.
libopie1_1.0.2_arm.ipk-this one you may need to look elsewere

that is all.
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