Hello all!

I recently acquired a Zaurus SL-C860 and decided to load up OpenZaurus v3.5.3 with Opie v1.2! I then purchased a Linksys WCF12 WiFi CF Card to go along with my new Zaurus cool.gif. As usual, I ran into problems. After reading up on the WCF12 card with the SL-C860 and with OpenZaurus, supposidly the card should just be autodetected upon pushing it in, however, it is not! I know from other posts that people have gotten this card to work and it strange because this card is rather popular which is why I went for it... anyways, I did a suggestion from a fellow poster Syrae (posting) and obviously because we are both running the same version of OpenZaurus the output of my /etc/pcmcia/config claims to support WCF12... Can anyone suggest how I can manually configure the card? Thanks so much!! wacko.gif