My 860 (Cacko 1.22-lite at moment) has been having problems resuming from suspend when the power buttons are pressed. I finally figured out that this is due to a loose jogdial.

Not having taken the 860 apart, it would seem that the jogdial needs maybe two springs to provide tension in both directions. On my 860, there is no tension in one direction so if the jogdial is left in that position (e.g., all the way down and not in the middle position) the 860 won't resume. If I carefully put the jogdial back in the middle position, the 860 can now resume again.

As long as I make sure the jogdial is in the correct position, I can reliably resume. But, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue and how dificult it might be to fix. I would also be okay with disabling the jogdial since I don't use it anyway.