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Full Version: Rc10 C700 Battery Won't Charge But Will With Cacko
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Hi, sorry if this question has already been answered i've searched this forum but can't find any reference to it.

I've install RC10 which woks great except one problem

when the AC is connected it says the battery is fully charged and won't charge the battery

if AC is unplugged the battery goes from 8% to 0% and power's off

Cakco 1.22A, OZ 3.5.3 and the original Sharp rom, all work fine.

could this be a kernel problem? or is just a configuration somewhere.

My device is a C700 with no other devices attached.
QUOTE(shedroveme2 @ Jul 20 2005, 09:41 PM)
when the AC is connected it says the battery is fully charged

Yes, I've noticed this as well, it's annoying (on top of that the orange charging light never turns green).
and won't charge the battery

No, I have not noticed such a phenomenon, logged-in both as root and as a normal user. My batteries (EA-BL06 and EA-BL08) do get charged. I am charging via the USB cable.

Maybe you need to wait a little bit longer as charging takes quite a bit of time especially with screen backlight set on high (5 or 6). Try also first suspending and then charging to see what happens. I assume you are using the proper AC adapter for your country (and not using, say, the 100V Japanese one in the US)?
My Battery is a EA-BL06, i'm using a UK-JAP adapter as i live in england. I'll give it another go tonight and try charging it when it's suspended, do you know which kernel is used in RC10 and would it be possible to change the kernel.
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