Hi all,

Just wanted to check, is it possible to factory reset (ie go back to OpenZaurus OS) after installing OPIE?

(I'm worried that having OPIE installed means one has wiped the NAND files)

I installed OPIE sometime ago on my sl-c3000 and want to try both new OPIE and FreeBSD OSs (not a t the same time). I figure it'd be simplest to start from scratch with a factory default platform each time as that is the way the dodumentation generally follows.

Found surfing the ezaurus.com site in Babelfish is hardly very precise mostly useless anyway due to my current OPIE install.

Have searched around the forums- great reset info but often I'm a little unsure on the context in which people are describing; ie I found myself asking things like 'was OPIE installed or OZ'

Any quick pointers **greatly** appreciated smile.gif Monkey