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Full Version: Kathrin Rc10 And Bluetooth Support
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Hi people,

I was a pdaxrom fan until I bought my Ambicom BT200 CF bluetooth card *thinking it was the OLD, compatible version, but instead I was stuck with the new one with the blue cristal plastic and visible led thru it*, which was not supported. I started using Cacko 1.22 because it had enhanced support for bluetooth cards as it used Updated bluetooth drivers, supporting most of bluetooth CF cards.

I am wondering if this last version of pdaxrom did a catch up with latest bluetooth drivers, or I will not have support for my bluetooth card.

Anyone knows ? I am pretty anxious to give pdaxrom a try, and maybe install KDE, etc smile.gif


Oki I assume that silence means only that Bluetooth support is the same as in RC9 ....

Just for the record (once again) it would be quite cool to update the bluetooth drivers in order to support most of bluetooth cards.
I experienced with the pdaxrom-builder and I built the lastest bluez-libs and utils (well, 2.17, since then there's 2.18). But that was to get my bluetooth mouse to work. It broke the simple ppp configuration so ppp connections had to be made by hand (and BT mouse isn't quite easy to get working, and BT networking is from commandline too)

So I haven't uploaded it here or anything. It's quite easy to compile the new libs natively on Z, as I recall, so try it if you really need it and feel like trying. smile.gif

I don't really want to publish it here, because it would take as much time to support those who downloaded it that I could also write proper support for it, in pdaxrom-builder or in a form of ipk. But this is not first in my TODO list. (1. make a bricked SL-C700 work again, 2. fvwm-pdaxrom development, 3. enjoying summer holiday) smile.gif

Hi zumi !

Nice to hear that it is doable ... I have no idea on how to use pdaxrom builder so I will stand by hoping for pdaxrom team or someone (you when you have time, maybe smile.gif to upgrade bluez drivers.

I was hoping, since I talked some monts ago about this topic with Laze and Sash that they actually included the newest Bluez in the RC10 smile.gif

Thx for answering / shoving some light over this matter !

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