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Full Version: How Do I Create A Swapfile On An C1000 With An Sd?
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Hi all,

Am trying to get the debian pocket workstation installed on my c1000.
I've a 1gb SD card which I've currently formatted as ext2

I'm trying to work out how to put the debian swapfile there. Any hints?

I tried this:

# su
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/card/swapfile bs=1048576 count=128
# mkswap /mnt/card/swapfile
# swapon /mnt/card/swapfile

And it created me a 128 mb file called swapfile, am hoping that's right unsure.gif
What you did is correct. If you issue the command "free" from the shell prompt it will report your memory usage, including swap and you can check whether it's working.


# cat /proc/swaps

itll tell you the status of your swapfile(s)

hey amazing I am learning, I didn't even have to look that one up:)

I have a question regarding the swapfile. I installed PocketWorkstation on my C1000 and it created a 64MB swapfile, formatted it and initialised it using "swapon". It is working fine, "free" shows me the 64MB swap I have and something around 12MB of it or so gets used.

But, here's the question: how do I turn the swapfile off? "swapoff /mnt/card/swapfile" or "swapoff -a" doesn't seem to work, "free" still shows the swap. Trying to "umount" the SD card the swapfile is on (obviously without turning it off) seems to take forever, then the Zaurus crashes. After a reboot, swap is off ("free" shows 0 for swap) until I turn it on again.

Is this normal? With the swapfile being activated (and maybe being accessed), I can't umount or remove the SD card as this causes the Zaurus to hang. And it could wear out the card, couldn't it? So, does anyone have an idea how to turn the swap off (the best would be to turn it off after quitting PocketWorkstation)? I'm lost since "swapoff" doesn't work.

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