My C860 was suffering battery charger problems (cf my April 2005 post at In May, I sent it to a friend in Japan to have it sent in for service. But after the friend wasn't able to get in touch with us for a while, we've learned I never gave him an address to send it to inside Japan to have it fixed.

It's now become clear that I have no idea where that might be. Any suggestions?

I've found this on the Sharp site
SHARP CORPORATION, Customer Assistance Center [Japan]
For the location of the nearest Sharp Service Station, please call:
Tel: 81-6-6621-4649
Fax: 81-6-6792-5993
but I don't think it'd be great for me to suggest he call instead of giving him some concrete information. His address is in Saitama-ken, if that's clear enough to know what address would be closest. I'm not trying to imply anybody should call for me---just curious if you've already got a usable/correct address to receive my poor sick C860. smile.gif