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Full Version: SMB share on Mac OS X with 5600
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I just got a sl-5600 and I would like to transfer files between
it and my Mac OS X (panther) system. I downloaded and
installed the Mac OS X USB driver from here.

and installed it successfully. I can ping the zaurus. The
sl5600 doesn't come with an ftp server. So I tried the
SMB share option. I asked to connect to server and
I used the following url:


Mac OS X always comes back and says it can't connect because
the username and password aren't right. But it didn't ask me
for the user and/or password. Any ideas?
I got it. I rebooted the Z and when it came back up, the connect
to server asked for user and password and I was in.
I'm curious; how long did it take you to figure out that the 5600 doesn't have an ftp server?

I spent a long, frustrating day trying to figure out why the ftp instructions for the USB net connection wouldn't work. I just got my 5600 recently, and didn't realize that it's sort of an orphan in the Zaurus community.
I can get SMB connections always via the USB cradle and OSX driver.

But I can't get SMB via wireless (my Z would be The 5600 connects and is quite clearly visible on the WLAN (pingable anyway), but I get error -36 when I try to "connect to server" via SMB using smb://zaurus, smb://ZAURUS, and smb://

ANyone got any thoughts. Maybe this relates to my other wifi problems (see )
/usr/lib/samba/smb.conf is set up only to work on the usbd0 interface. Commenting out the interfaces = usbd0 line will make it work on all interfaces including wireless (or you can add eth0 to the list).
After upgrading to ROM version 1.32 for my SL-5600, I am able to mount the Zaurus on my Mac Desktop (10.3.3) via the docking station.

Prior to the mounting, I need to actiavate PC Link to select the USB - IO(default) first. Click OK
Activate the PC link again, this time I select USB -TCP/IP (adavnced) and Click OK.
Then issue "smb://" from Mac desktop.

Althougn I can navigagte among CF_Memory, Home_Memory and SD_Memory of Zaurus, my desktop keeps on showing the total memory left on the Zaraus is always 23 MB despite I have 4GB at CF slot and 256 MB at SD slot.

I hope the above will help those Mac users who want to transfer files between Mac and Zaurus.
Your desktop shows 23MB because that's the space available on your internal memory. The mapping for "home" in /usr/lib/samba/smb.conf is /home/samba which is located on internal memory. You can create another share that points to your CF card by editing smb.conf.
Thanks finally got it working with your idea of rebooting and shazaam it worked. I was going Nucking Futz, thanks again smile.gif
just thought and was trying, is it possible to connect to the internet through USB, when then SMB is mounted? I don't have a wifi card yet. Thanks for any insight

Yes. Issue the following command for ip routing from Zaurus terminal:

route add default gw
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