I have successfully installed xqt and pocketworkstation on a microdrive utilizing the usb port of my C1000. The thought was that if I could occasionally put the microdrive in my flash reader and connect via usb, I could apt-get upgrade and install programs, and then put the microdrive back into the cf slot to run pocketworkstation.

I have a couple of problems, though. First, I can't seem to unmount the microdrive when it is mounted on /usr/mnt.rom/usbstorage. I get an error message that says device or process busy.

The second problem I have is when I put the microdrive back into the cf slot, mount it, and run pocketworkstation. I get it to load fine, but then when I call up the icewm start button, the program exits and I'm back out in qtopia.

Any help would be appreciated.