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Full Version: Network Setup Weirdness
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Hi all!

My headlong rush into insanity driven by this deceptively innocent looking piece of electronic hardware continues unabated.

I'm trying to get networking working. I'm running the default Sharp ROM with the c3000-custom-jaen_0.1_arm.ipk English addon. I've got a Planex GW-CF11X. It all works fine and dandy. As long as the wireless network I'm connected to can get out to the Internet. If it can't it works for maybe 20 seconds (pings work, SSH works, etc.) but then some little watchdog in the Network Setup application realizes it can't ping some host out there on the Internet (haven't figured out which host yet) and, thinking something is wrong, cuts the internet connection.

I've been able to test this very easily - I just set up a network connection on an isolated wireless LAN but set my laptop to share its internet connection across the wireless LAN. When sharing is enabled, the network app is happy and the connection works (blue/green square connection icon). The moment I drop the uplink (but remember, both the Zaurus and laptop are still connected to the wireless LAN) and disconnect then reconnect the Zaurus, the connection stays up for a few seconds (the time it normally takes for the connection icon to turn from a world to a square PDA symbol) for it to fall apart.

Anyone got any ideas as to how to stop the Network application trying to ping out (and/or cutting the network if it finds it can't)? All I want to be able to do is connect via wireless LAN to an internal network (and *sometimes* to the Internet). I guess finding out which host it's trying to get a response from would be a start (at least that way I might be able to spoof it in the hosts file so it looks back at itself) ...

- Raybot
According to what iamasmith has said about the networking, it's trying to ping your default gateway, not anything out on the internet.
Slightly off topic, but does [c3000-custom-jaen_0.1_arm.ipk English addon] work on the C1000 as well ?

It's basically just a script to automate a whole bunch CLI commands right ?
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