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Full Version: Help With Compile Of Pine Email
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Hi all, I have patched some great changes to the version 4.63 of pine. I can't get the
project to compile for arm-linux however. Don't know enough about the config and
make files. Will anyone take this mini-project on and compile this great command line
email reader (with static libs) for the C3000 Linux zaurus 2.4.20 ? Let's make this free software from available for the greater Z. community! Code attached - may need ssh lib's.
NOTE: an older version of pine is available from

Thanks, for any and ALL help
Phew. This thing for sure has an ugly buildsystem. I've added pine 4.63 to OE, see
Hi Mickey, thanks for your efforts in cleaning up the build struc, how can a retrieve the linux exec for pine and pico from the link you included in your message?


QUOTE(Mickeyl @ Aug 1 2005, 12:51 AM)
Phew. This thing for sure has an ugly buildsystem. I've added pine 4.63 to OE, see
Hi Mickey & gtrinka,

I installed the pine/pico/opensll ipkgs on my 5500 running OZ 3.5.3. I'm assuming that because they were built via OE that this should work, but I'm getting the following error:

<program name unknown>: symbol lookup error: <main program>: undefined symbol: __modsi3

So I'm wondering now if my assumption is incorrect and this is a special build for the 3000 as requested or if I'm missing something.
Don't install the binaries from as this is built for the Sharp ROM; either build it yourself using OE (as it's been added thanks to Mickeyl) or ask Hrw to add it to the upgrades feed (thread in OZ/Common).

Ok thanks. I'll drop Hrw a note after I get back from vacation later this week . . . or maybe he'll see this and compile it if he has time.

Big thanks for Mickey for getting it into OE.
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