hej together,

after searching the topics i could find a few helpful hints
but no real description, of how to solve the nun-working
fn-key in kathrin rc10 on my 750 (corgie).

solution 1 (in an xterm enter the follwoing command):
xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/corgie.xmodmap

if you want to have the right xmodmap, everytime you start
your zaurus:
- make the .xinitrc in your home-directory writable by
cp .xinitrc xinitrc.orig
rm .xinitrc (BE CAREFUL, that you have the copy!)
cp xinitrc.orig .xinitrc
chmod 777 .xinitrc

now change the lines over the test-f xmodmap-command (line38):
case "$MODEL" in

case "$MODEL" in

best regards,