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Full Version: Using Altboot With Fat Sd Card
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I'm getting ready to try either OZ 3.5.3 or the Hentges ROM. I'm interested in using the altboot option, but I've got a question.

Can I use an SD card formatted as FAT? My plan would be to have a couple of 250MB ext2 formatted image files (e.g. main-rootfs.bin, test-rootfs.bin) on the card (a 1GB card currently formatted as FAT).

If I can keep the card formatted as FAT, I could still load it into my camera (for overflow storage) when I fill up the 1GB card normally reserved for the camera.

I am using a SD as you say, originally formatted for camera. I have a image and boot with altboot.

Except for suspend problems, and the fact I can't get wifi working at the moment, all is reasonably well. None of that has anything to do with the SD I don't think.
Be careful about shutting down to get your data flushed out to the SD though before removing it.

Curiously, I find the shutdown command (from the applet) requires that I reset before it will power up. Of course the Sharp ROM had no shutdown so maybe this is expected behaviour.
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