As is too often the case, every link out there that addresses USB networking is either completely wrong, largely incomplete, or dealing with another subject altogether. Let's be clear: I am trying to configure the SL-6000 (not 5500 not 3000, you get the idea) to network via an XP (not Linux, Not OSX) machine using only the connection provided by the USB cradle. Oh yeah, and incase you didn't see the Forum Topic, this is for pdaXrom only (not Opie, Sharp, Guylhem, etc...)

The first bits of missing information were:
1. Where do you get the XP USB/Ethernet Driver?

Here: -->

2. How do you install ndisusb?

The answer was nowhere to be found. Here is the solution:

I'm assuming Windows 2000 or XP in "Classic" mode so that things like the control panels are all easily available.

Click AddHardware control panel and if it asks if you have already connected this hardware to your computer, SAY YES!

Now select:
>> Manufacturer MICROSOFT
>> Network Adapter HAVE DISK
browse to the location where you extracted and select the ini file located there.
Click NEXT any time it comes up.
Click Continue Anyway any time it comes up.
Click finish once.

That's it. ndisUSB is there.

Next Question:

3. How do you know which USB port ndisUSB goes to? Do you even need to know?

Hell if I know!

4. Why does windows try to detect SL-6000 device when I plug it in to the cradle?

See the answer to number 3.

These are the questions that must be answered. I think if we can get these resolved, the rest of the configuration is easy.