I completely surprised myself the other day when I started actually using my C1000 for it's intended purpose (or one of them anyway). PIM ! Yes, I found myself musing...

" Boy I really wish I had all these names and phone numbers on me all the time, I never seem to have anyones number when I need it. And I wish I could keep track of all these things I'm supposed to be doing and appointments Im supposed to be keeping. I'm really getting confused with all that's going on right now. Wish I had something that could handle all that..."

*Doink* - Sorry friends, sometimes it takes me a while to catch on tongue.gif blink.gif tongue.gif

I never used my 5500 for this too much, probably because it was *just* slightly too inconvenient to use the thumboard (EXCUSES EXCUSES, I could have used outlook or the Qtopia desktop to do the typing on my PC and then synched it, I know...I know...).

But the micro KB on the C1000 is *just* enough better than the 5500 to make it seem like a snap to tap in a new date or appointment or a memo (But now that I have spent a little more time typing on it I realise the mile long emails I usually write will necessitate an external KB, so I bought the oft maligned bendy-flex silicone one and it should arrive in a couple days). So I've been merrily adding addresses and numbers and putting things into the calendar (I think this might also end up being kind of a handy little diary as well).

Now I've run into a snag. I have selected the option to make my 'Todo' list items show up in the calendar, but they don't seem to.

Anyone else experience this problem ?