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Full Version: Just Compiled : Mplayer 1.0pre7 & Scummvm 0.7.1
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Hi there, after a lot of tweaking I finally got the latest mplayer (1.0pre7) compiled for pdaXrom.
If someone would like to give it a try, you may find an ipk on

Please note that it depends on some package that you will find in the pdaX feeds (see

It was built with quite a lot of codecs, most AVI and all MPG files should open without reencoding, if they are playable by the Zaurus (ie not too big !)

If you just install the package and open a video, you won't notice any difference with the 1.0pre5 of the pdaX feed.
However, I included an optimized config file in the IPK. Install it by typing

cp /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf ~/.mplayer/conf

This will use Xfbdev for video output, which is rather fast. I got the best result without X (fbdev doesn't need a started X server). In the pdaX root console try

mplayer /path/to/video/file -fs

So, do you notice any difference ? Please give some feedbacks !

P.S : this was only tested on SL-C1000. SL-6000 users, I'm curious to know whether it plays videos in portrait or landscape mode ?
Have fun !

---------- Edit ---------

I've added the IPK of ScummVM 0.7.1 as well. It compiled flawlessy. Now I can play the Curse of Monkey Island, Fight of the Amazon Queen and Broken Sword on the Zaurus, yay ! Use CTRL+F or CTRL+G if you have some lag, it sometimes helps.
Hope you'll like it !
Does the bvdd vo device work on the c1k with your build, i was lead to belive that it is farily "qt" independent and so could run under pdaxrom, hopefully this should give a speed increse

the link is http%3A// but they seem to be down at the moment
Looks like you're right, in fact bvdd is a kernel module that use the PXA270 overlay to output video. It should work without QT and without the mplayer zaurus version (ie 1.1.5), but we'll need the source (mplayer-1.1.5.tar.gz according to the google cache) before we try to add it to the current 1.0pre7 official release.
QUOTE(Da_Blitz @ Aug 7 2005, 06:36 AM)
the link is http%3A// but they seem to be down at the moment

hi, for your info, the site is not down but the hostname/dns record has changed, use

Thanks, but the source package is still not available, it returns 403 for /WebSDN/ ... If someone has this source package, I'm interested in compiling it for pdaXrom.
did you make any changes to scummvm code for better zaurus usage

No, it's the original 0.7.1, the only improvement is support for new games that the version in the feed can't run.
I installed mplayer 1.0pre7 on my C750 & it works flawlessly. Only change I had to make was to comment out the
line in the ~/.mplayer/config file so it doesn't run in portrait mode. Seems to run a bit faster. Will have to try a video that is 640x480 to see if it'll truly run full screen outside of X. All of my videos are scaled down to 320x240.

Thanks for compiling this package!

Ok, playing video encoded @ 640x480 is a dream. I did however download the ipk from the above Japanese site and it will scale 320x240 full screen when used with a -vo= w100 switch. No need for the xrandr trick. There's another thread with more detail.
OK, it's good to know, I'll try to add w100 and bvdd support once I can find the damn source package ; currently it is still not available.
do you say that you can't get the mplayer 1.1.5 sources from here ?

the link is working for me...
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