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Full Version: What Configs To Back Up?
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I have just screwed my pdaXrom installation trying to emulate a mac on the Z. (See other thread). I just get a grey screen with an x in the middle when I type startx.

I don't know what file I overwrote. Is there a list of files that I can copy, stash on a card, and then restore to get normal functionality back on these annoying occasions?

Can only the C-XX00 series do NAND backups?
Sorry to resurrect the dead, but I'm wondering about backups too biggrin.gif

All Zaurii can do NAND backups to my knowledge, certainly the 760 and 1000 from my experience smile.gif

Daft question: will making a NAND backup from the Diagnostic Menu save everything, including NAND partitioning information, etc?

Oh, and an observation: you must use FAT16 on the partition that you're saving to. Cards formatted with FAT32 do not appear to be recognised.
so has anyone tried this? And if yes maybe someone with a good backup of pdax+xfce then just do a nand restore, then it will be already configured.
actually, I never looked to see if my 6000 did unsure.gif

AFAIK the 5xxx are the Zaurii that do not have nand backups.
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