Hi folks. 24-hour-old Opie/OZ3.5.3 install on a 5600. Using Linksys WCF12. No WEP on the network; I use MAC filtering and have already entered the wNIC's MAC address in the table. Can't ping the router, and downhill from there. Have looked all over the OESF fora and unless I've missed something I don't see a start-to-finish wifi setup post, although in all my reading I've learned not to use the Opie Network GUI. I fiddle with FC3's wireless settings all the time but I'm stumped here.

What config files should I edit, and what values should I plug? I'd like to go ahead and specify the ESSID (SRSHOME) since I've got a ton of strong, unsecured wlans around here and I don't want to just connect to the strongest signal I pick up...

Thanks for reading.

Went back to the default configuration (renamed backup file I'd made) and it works fine in my local open-access Internet Cafe, which has no security or filtering of any kind going on (although Konqueror crashes, but I'll deal with that later). When I bring it back to my WLAN, however, still fails to work.