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Full Version: Ipkg.conf
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Hi all,

In early July I tried, like many here, to get the new kernel to work on my SL-5500, without success. Thus, I was delighted to find fuller instructions have recently been supplied. I've quoted them below:

1. install OZ 3.5.3 with default kernel (may be skipped if you already have 3.5.3)
2. add upgrades/collie into ipkg.conf
3. run ipkg update;ipkg upgrade to get r21 kernel modules installed
4. copy r21 kernel from “upgrades/collie” into CF card and flash it (ONLY kernel)
5. boot Zaurus and be happy user of OZ 3.5.3 with r21 kernel

I've always installed packages by putting them on a CF card and then running:
ipkg add [-d wherever] whatever.ipk
ipkg-linkl whatever-shortname

I was never clear on using the feed, for which I'd seen little documentation, and I've avoided the GUI installer as well. But I take it, from the above, that now I do need to know how the feed works. If someone is feeling sympathetic, could they walk me through the process outlined above so I can upgrade my kernel?

Alternitively - maybe better from my perspective - can someone advise me on how to determine which kernel modules I will need (ie am currently running), and how to upgrade them using only the command line so I can continue to use only the command line and shun the feed? If kernel modules can be updated like normal packages, I assume I can do this with "ipkg -l" to find current modules, then my usual method for each kernel-module I'm currently using for which there is an update (installing them to ROM I presume), and finally flashing the new kernel from CF.

First of all, do you have connectivity to your comp? or direct net access from your zaurus??

You'll need this first before continuing...

Otherwise... (all this is done via command line)

1. ssh into your zaurus (you may have to change your root password, from the console on Z, type -> passwd then follow the prompts)

2. edit /etc/ipkg.conf, -> vi /etc/ipkg.conf, add the line src/gz collie '' (without the quotes around the address)

3. run ipkg update... etc

Hope this helps..
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