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Full Version: Learn Japanese With Mahjong
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Here is the idea, a classic mahjong game but with tiles with kanji and their english translations, then for exemple you start the game with a small mountain of tiles and then you click on the tile with the symbol Chikara and click on the tile with the text Strengh, then both tiles disapear...

now there could be different options:
Kanji - Kun prononciancions
Kanji - On prononciacions
Kanji - English meaning
Hiragana - Romanji
Katakana - Romaji

Also if you choose the kanji, then you can choose the level of JPL1 -JPL4

I think it could be a very very insteresting learning tool

I know web programming, ASP .net, Databases, windows forms, also some java, is there a open source mahjong somewhere ? I would like maybe to try a go for a project like this, but I have no idea to grafic generation by computer (tiles for exemple) I could do it with flash maybe, but java seems better choice for Zaurus... anyway, my Zaurus (sl-c700) is broken (power inverted) so I will get a new one in October when I visit japan, until then I would like some help to get information about this kind of project (programming exemples, an open source mahjong, etc...)

thank to all ^c ^

The first look simpler and has simpler code. Anyway, both are in C++ wich is a code I don't manipulate and I don't know very well T_T

In fact, I'm a windows programmer,, VB .net, VBScript, Javascript are my main forces, then I know some Java and some C++...

Well I guess I will get back some of the C++ books and try to check both the codes of those Mahjongs to see what can be done.

For a windows programmer who knows little Java, C++ what is the fastest and easiest way to program in Zaurus ?? I don't have a linux system home, so can I program and compile on the Zaurus ? a developping setup on Zaurus ?
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