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Full Version: Changing Preferences
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Hi everyone,

I have a c3000 running the cacko 3k beta (great job btw,) and was wondering if there was a way that I could tell the zaurus to open .png files using opera instead of image viewer. Using tree explorer I can do this manually, but I want to change the preferences so that it does this automatically. Is this possible?

Thanks, Allen
Quoted from Meanie's great website

File Associations

The file association information is derived from two places. The file /home/QtPalmtop/etc/mime.types stores the mime types that is used to derive the association information which is then combined with the desktop files stored under /home/QtPalmtop/apps

The information inside mime.types specifies what file extensions are associated with each file type. The desktop file for each application then specifies which file type the application should handle. If you have more than one application associated with a certain file type, then only one of them will be associated, however, the logic that the Z uses to determine which one to use is unknown to me. Therefore, make sure that only one of them is associated to a file type and you will get the expected file association.

As an example, to associate Opera to .htm and .html files, you would have the following in mime.types

text/html html htm

And opera.desktop would have the following:


You can also associate an icon to the file association as well which is shown in the above sample. Multiple associates can be delimited with a semi colon (wink.gif.
Hey scheck, thanks for the response. I think this might be beyond my capabilities =). I tried following meanie's instructions and deleted what I thought were the file associations to image viewer, etc. But it didn't work. This is not surprising to me however, because I am still learning the linux system and probably missed something obvious. I'll probably go back at this sometime next week.

Thanks, Allen
you should of reboot after your changes.
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