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Full Version: Voice Recorder 44.1K hack possibility?
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Hey folks,

I have been able to take a signal from my tape deck and record into the Zaurus using Voice Recorder. The maximum quality the program allows is 22,050K in mono. I was wondering if there's a way to enable it to record at 44.1K to improve the sound quality.

Thanks for your replies,

Charlie T.
My Voice Recorder allow 44 khz and even 48 khz. I'm using Dynamism translated Sharp QTopia on SL-C860.

But is there a way to get MP3 or Ogg Vorbis recording on the Zaurus? I went to be able to record 1-2 hour meetings for work, and the uncompressed format really eats into my limited storage space..
You can do 8khz mono (with different programs), and maybe do adpcm or some gsm codec or some other simiple compression using sox. lame will compile on the zaurus, but on the lowest quality setting I think it might have trouble keeping up, and I think OggVorbis would have the same problem (at least without some assembly or such).
How about a voice recorder that does post WAV file encoding to Ogg Vorbis or MP3? So, you record stuff... takes up a lot of space, but then, when it gets a second, it starts compressing it after the fact. 30 minutes of audio may take 2-3 hours to compress, and it would check the CPU and would "pause" and "resume" the compression based CPU usage?
I hate to bring it up, but tkcVox does audio compression using gsm (I beleive) and supposedly can record huge amounts of time in very little space. It does very good on compressing 'nothing' or silence while you're recording. They also have a utility to convert the sounds files, which are proprietary, to wav format.

It does have a volume bug though which is easily fixed as long as you don't change the settings...
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