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Full Version: Usb Charging Cable For Z5500
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Hi all,

Another thread for the C3k Zaurus talk about using USB charging/sync cables.

I wonder if it works for the Z5500? I've seen eBayers seller such cables, including travel kits with AC/DC and car adapters with USB female connectors that provide 1A current.

The power specs for Z5500 is 6.2w@5v, ie 6.2/5 = 1.24A while the SHARP AC adapter is rated at 5v@2A. So question is, are those kits sold on ebay underpowered?
The USB port on a PC supplies only 0.5A, so it is not enough to power a fully discharged Zaurus. In those instances, I've been able to charge my SL-5500 from a USB cable with the Zaurus turned off -- it charges at a much slower rate than it would with the Sharp-supplied (2A) charger.

With a partially discharged Zaurus (> ~50%), I've been able to keep the Zaurus turned on and bring it up to full charge off a USB cable.
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