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Full Version: An Easy Way To Mount Samba Shares?
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I'm a linux newbie, but I'm able to mount my windows machine's shared folder in the terminal with smbmount //computername/SharedDocs /mnt/smb.

But I'd like a quick and easy way to mount and unmount this. Smbmounter looked like it would be the answer, but it doesn't seem to work. The folders computername/SharedDocs/ will appear in the NetworkedFolders folder, but there is nothing inside. Yes, I have given the program root priveleges. Any ideas as to what is wrong? What other ways are there to mount these servers, aside from typing directly in the terminal?
i have been working on opie-smb lately, which does what you want. Can't say when it will make it's way into the distribution, though.

I might make a special ipk for qtopia/sharp roms
QUOTE(lpotter @ Aug 15 2005, 10:49 AM)
I might make a special ipk for qtopia/sharp roms

Hey this would be great if you would make a special ipk for us throw-back still using the sharp rom.

Thank you in advance,

I created scripts that mount or unmount SMB shares (one for each PC or Zaurus). In this case, I'm mounting my SL5600's share ("zephyrus" is its machine name in my /etc/hosts file). I check the /mnt/smb directory, if it's empty, then I do a mount, if not, then I un-mount it.

The script uses the OPIE-SH package to display a dialog box telling you what it did.

Any messages generated are sent to a log file that can be checked later.

I also use the "sudo" package to run the mount.

I then created an icon and added it to my SL6000 desktop so I can tap it to run it.

# Mount the Zephyrus over wiFi
# 2004-12-18 -  r.l. stoner

checkit=`ls /mnt/smb/ | wc -l`
#echo $checkit
if [ $checkit -ne 0 ]
  echo "UnMounting Zephyrus home ..."
  sudo umount /mnt/smb
  /home/QtPalmtop/bin/opie-sh -m -w -t "Zephyrus Toggled" -M "Zephyrus/home un-mounted." -g
  exit 0
  echo "Mounting... Zephyrus"
  sudo smbmount //zephyrus/home /mnt/smb -o username=rick,password=xxx
  /home/QtPalmtop/bin/opie-sh -m -I -t "Zephyrus Toggled" -M "Zephyrus/home Mounted." -g
  exit 0
) > /tmp/domntzeph.log

#--- end of script ---#
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