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Full Version: Crimson Fields
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Crimson seems to be a very nice game
Anyone get it work?

Requirements: libSDL, libSDL_mixer. libSDL-ttf, libfreetype and zlib

I have installed all of them but it doesnt work sad.gif
sure I use the libSDL from the emulator package
I dont know if it is the reason or not...
it doesnt work in my c860 + cacko 1.22(sharp) rom

it works now

can you share you experience on installing it? smile.gif
i am running it on c860 with cacko (sharp rom) 1.22. It uses sdl from piro's site.

i set the environment variables as follows and then run crimson.

export SDL_FB_HWROT=1
export SDL_FB_DIRECT=0
export SDL_FB_SIZE=640x480

it seems to work now

oh, but i am running cacko 3kb1 with the emulator package which including some of the sdl lib...
i will try to get it work later when i have more time
just like to say i have been able to happily load up crimson on my collie smile.gif

had issues with it saying from terminal that certain libraries where missing,

it was saying i didnt have , which i figured was part of the libsdl package ...(no brainer)

but i had libsdl installed, infact about three different versions at one time to no avail, so after getting this idea from someone else in another thread about another topic (povray) i looked around in filemanager and found the libSDL file version that i had installed... :0

it was sad.gif , in /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/ btw,

so i just made a copy and renamed it to the one requested above, and i got it to load up !!, could have alternatively done it with a symlink as well im sure.

now i just have to deal with running out of memory and it rebooting , and the odd crash laugh.gif

but its still fun, and very playable, i just love turn-based games i.ei jagged alliance which would make a great port, hint hint wink.gif
also, where can i find out the controls' such as whats is the replacement for right click ??
another note, i last night downloaded an older version ( 0.321) from after reading through the current readme change-log to see that that version had support for the z's "shortcut" buttons thus making it not necessary to use the keyboard at all on a 5500 smile.gif

there are less maps, and perhaps some other changes missing, but it runs and plays better !
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