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Hello all,

Sorry to bother with so many questions but since i just got a c1000 and none of the 5 peripherals i bought for it work(confirmed by some other posts too) i inted to do a good deal of code editing/Recompile(thank god that the source code is available).

So i was wondering: can one recompile the z's kernel(where to get source?) does one install the newly compiled kernel
3.where can one get the original japanese sharproms/and it's applications(dictionaries, etc)
4.if anyone has more info on the following supports i'd be very grateful:
a.2+GB sd cards(atm they kernel panic)
b.linksys usb bluetooth(not recognized i think)
c.linksys wireless 54g cf card(WCF54G)
d.generic connexant/cohiba usb wifi 54g dongles
5.also if anyone knows any mini-A/B(whatever is used for host mode) cable that can directly take the normal big bulky usb port at the other side, the hub seems to be a power monger, and i dont intend to go around carrying an usb hub charger
6.any other rom than the sharp rom that can do japanese ime and have nice dictionaries(even paying software/paying dictionaries are fine, it's for my work so i can put it on work expenses)

anyhow, thanks for any help,

the wcf54g (compact flash) does not work it has a unsupported chipset
there apparently is a linux driver, which just isnt yet compatible with the z's kernel
i'm pretty sure it should be doable fixing whatever part of the kernel crashes it
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