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Full Version: Ok......
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where's the freaking ok close and help button located, thought I had found it but nope try again.......btw tweaking cresho's gant theme laugh.gif

oh yea, when you unzoom the def icons come back in the file browser, anyone know where those are located?



i just havent updated those since.............there are over 150 more to go
i did those, with no affect, so it must be the ones in zstyle/[theme]

oh btw tried to select gant them it seems to not want to hold

also the tweaks, sd card = chip dealy and internal = black hdd, working on figuring out the thumbnails since I work in small icon mode, i think like most people

thumbnail folder is under slfolder.png wink.gif

found maindevice and sddcard as well, skinning is cool, feels like when I was skinning zlauncher for palm devices, except this is less complex as I am finding out
just wait till you hit the tabs. I havent had time to modify it yet. School started and i was in the middle of finishing snes zip file and now im just fired up about mame.
Its all here:

My first blast at changing the buttons:

how about the tabs? smile.gif
The tab icon is set in the Tab Setting widget thingy, in the same way the program icons are.

Unless I misunderstand what you mean?

nah he means the tab shape and color/fade effect, i dont know where thats at....yet
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