Just looking for any tips/tricks/hints, etc... for cross-compiling.

I've had pretty good luck so far using the latest sdk from the pdaXrom folks... well-behaved configure scripts work fine. I've compiled and packaged the latest libxml2, libxslt, some python modules, etc...

Every now and then, though, I find a configure script that doesn't behave well... specifically, it tries to compile test applications which, of course, fail because I'm cross-compiling. What do folks usually do to get around this? In the past I've edited by hand the configure script, but in the library I'm trying to compile now, that's pretty painful (there are a lot of them).

Also, has anyone looked at using scratchbox for pdaxrom compiling? I played around with it a little bit trying to setup a gpe compile environment and it seemed pretty slick. It might be worth pursuing as it lets you compile "natively" inside the environment. Pretty slick.