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Full Version: A Palm-based Sync Hack?
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Disclaimer: I'm a total idoit when it comes to programming - I haven't written any code in three years, and that was ERSI's Avenue language. So beware, this may be a stupid idea.

One of the issues with using a Zaurus for me is the lack of ability to do a calendar/contact/to do list/email sync with Groupwise. One of the workarounds I've thought of is using Evolution on a separate Linux machine connected to the Groupwise database and syncing to that - but that's an awfully messy solution.

A thought occured to me: could the PalmOS sync functionality be emulated on the Zaurus, so that it "presents" itself to Palm Sync Manager on the desktop as a PalmOS device. I see it working like this:

Palm emulation runs on the Z, when a sync is initiated, the Z's PIM data is imported into the corresponding emulated Palm apps, the emulated apps sync with the Desktop machine, and the data is exported back to the Z's PIM app formats. Depending on the size of your PIM databases this could be slow and take a lot of storage, but it sounds like it could work.

So, does this sound like a viable approach? If it worked, it seems like the range of available platforms that the Z can sync with would expand quite a bit. Or, is there something really difficult about the process that I just don't know about?

Thanks for reading,

Any progress on this idea?

I reallly need to get Act! syncing with my C3000!
OK finally figured a way to get Act! to sync with my C3000.

The C3000 can sync with the palm desktop, so set it up that way.


Get a copy of Companion Link Pro

It will sync multiple databases, including Act!

Now it takes me a few syncs because Companion Link Pro runs when you sync your palm, but I can enter data in Act! on my desktop, My Zaurus, the Palm Desktop &/or my palm, and end up with all the entries in all of the devices!
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