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Full Version: Cool Computer-on-a-stick
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Hey, I just found this device on-line called a computer-on-a-stick, which is almost what it sounds like, a computer on a stick. I'd like to try it.They say it is smallest computer and it has onboard operating system. Does anyone else have any thoughts on how it would work or does anyone own one? I would really love to know more about it.I also saw Bio USB Flash Drive on that site. I saw it at (It works in the USB drive and stores info.)
Its more like "An OS on a stick". Calling an OS a computer is a bit misleading.

You put the USB stick into the computer (see, you need an additional REAL computer) and boot an entire OS (like Linux) from the USB stick.

So this way you can carry an OS and your data files etc on a USB stick - and use your preferred OS from any computer you have access to. Some even put application on it (after all you need application to work with the OS right)... Linux already comes with most needed apps with the distribution itself.
QUOTE(nilch @ Aug 25 2005, 06:15 PM)
Its more like "An OS on a stick". Calling an OS a computer is a bit misleading.

heh, I carry around DSL on a stick now and it doesn't cost $150 to do it. smile.gif

Get a bigger stick and toss knoppix on it ...

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