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Full Version: Symbol Spectrum24 Card Hentges Oz 3.5.3 Sl5500
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I have recently installed the latest hentges oz 3.5.3 rom and Cardfs after 2 years of using the sharp 3.10 rom. This is an excellent looking system now. Most impressed by the way that everything runs of my SD card now.
There are however some problems that I need help with - starting with connecting to the internet. I started by flashing the standard 3.5.3 open z release using a 64 - 0 image and this was able to see my symbol spectrum24 wifi card no problem and I could connect to the web. Buoyed by my success I then flashed to the hentges rom (64 -0) and now have root on my sd card. Great!
However my symbol wifi card no longer works (it doesnt even appear in the card manager icon) I also have an ambicon wl1100c wifi card and it is not recognised either. Doesnt matter if I leave the cards in and reboot - no lights flash or anything. Both cards are brand new and worked in my sharp 3.10 rom setup ok.

I have an ls039 bluetooth card which is recognised when I plug it in although I still have to figure how to get this to work with oz. (seperate post)

Have read some posts about reinstalling the orinoco modules but i'am sure the ambicon card uses the prism chipset - so why doesnt it work??

Lastly once I get my wifi card working I assume I can download and install the opie network icon so I can set up a number of wifi or bluetooth dial up profiles.
..or can someone tell me how to do this with the network app in settings?
With some help from the forum I have created a local package feed for oz and re-installed the orinoco modules using the aqpkg manager. Installation and symlinking seem to go ok.

I plugged in my symbol wifi card and now at least the card is recognised but I cant get to start through the network settings. I re -booted and this time the card is recognised as a "unknown" card. But I can eject it and put it back in without freezing the z. Well somtimes! After i've had the wifi card in the CF slot the sunsequent recognition of other cf cards becomes flaky.
My ambicon card is still a complete non starter

As part of the hentges rom install I have installed Cardfs on my sd card so I re-installed the orinico modules to SD not root - was I correct or should I have installed to root? (I thought since root was installed to SD as part of cardfs that installing to SD was correct since root is on SD!)

I have only installed

orinoco-modules_0.13..> 11-Apr-2005 15:21 27k
orinoco-modules-cs_0..> 11-Apr-2005 15:20 50k


orinoco-modules-nort..> 11-Apr-2005 15:20 2k
orinoco-modules-pci_..> 11-Apr-2005 15:20 4k

should I have re -installed them all?

Also I have read in a post that after installing hentges 3.5.3 with cardfs someone installed the latest zImage from the oz 3.5.3 feed (they only installed the image) which sorted the suspend problem - could this help my problem with the wifi card problem?
Success! I have the symbol spectrum24 wifi card working on hentges oz 3.5.3.
After trying a few times to install and re-install the orinoco modules from my local CF feed with no success I decided to take the plunge and flash the zimage from the standard oz 3.5.3 feed. This works immediately!!

Great! I now the benefits of the hentges rom (alt boot and cardfs) with wifi!
Now I'am off to install opera!!!
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