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Full Version: Windows Connection Help
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I'm sure this has been asked here before, but I can't find any documentation on how to set up a new OZ Opie ROM with windows (just to upload packages and such).

I had it working as TCP/IP with the Sharp ROM.

What should I set usbd0 to in OZ?

Do I need to do anything on Windows (2000)? I have the ethernet connection enabled that worked on the Sharp ROM.

I've tried setting the IP statically to what it was on the Sharp ROM and I've tried setting the gateway to the autoconfigure IP. I've also tried matching the subnet masks. I'm sure I'm missing a step, though. I've tried SSH, netbios, and the Zaurus File Transfer program on all configurations I've tried, and still no luck.

Thanks for your help.
look down at my signature and go to zaurusvideo

then click on the pda icon. at the bottom, i left instructions for a sl5500 version. you may be able to adabt those instructions for your z.

it is possible. the reason i havent tried it with my z c1000 or updated is because i havent used oz in years but i leave the instructions for myself incase i loose it on my pc.

hope it helps.
Thanks! Actually, it's on a 5500 so hopefully this will be good. I will try it out now.
Worked great. Thanks!
yeah i know it works!

glad it helped you along many others ........and still after 3 years.

i left it incase i go back to openzaurus when its done for the c1000.
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