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Full Version: Xkd Rc 10?
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I found an xkd for rc 9. It "worked" on my 6k.... I think.
It connected to my belkin ir keyboard, but, of course, the keymap is gibberish.
I took a look in the config file, and lo! as advertised, it points to a targus keymap.
It seems to me that abit o frankenstien cut'n'paste might get the belkin going on my 6k.
Anyone have such a map? or a better suggestion (like pointing it at some other keymap already on the system?)

any help would be appreciated. external mouse/keyboard really helps the 6k become a laptop replacement.
ive got one too...Id love some help!

What xkd are you using?
QUOTE(maswell @ Sep 29 2005, 05:12 AM)
ive got one too...Id love some help!

What xkd are you using?

I'm also a Belkin user. I've attached a copy of irk for Cackco which supports Belkin.

I'm not sure where the keymap file is....but I know it's in there somewhere smile.gif
apparently it isn't that simple.

but.... if it turns out i'm wrong please post! smile.gif
Well, I gave RC11 a try yesterday and so far it's very promising. This is the first RC that has remained on my 760 for more than 24 hours smile.gif Not that the previous RCs have been bad, it's just that Cacko (which I've run forever now) is just so darn good it's a mighty tough act to follow!

Right now the only critical item that's missing for me is Belkin IR keyboard support. Since source for Xkd is nowhere to be found and its authors are MIA, I'm looking at quick and dirty ways to migrate the Belkin support I wrote for IRK over to pdaXrom.

My initial thought is to glom something onto Xvkbd (assuming I can get Xvkbd to build with the on-board SDK) rather than try to create a new app from scratch (I need something working by Monday). I'm basically new to pdaXrom so I'm looking for feedback on this plan. If there's anything I'm overlooking that would make this a sub-optimal approach, shout out now!
have a look at Kbdd which is a driver for many (serial. irda. bluetooth) keyboards - it add them for whole system not only for X session
Unfortunately, Kbdd needs a couple of kernel modules (uinput and keybdev) that don't seem to be present in pdaXrom. Looks like a great long term solution, but no way will I be able to build pdaXrom compatible kernel modules by my Monday deadline smile.gif

Those that would like to see much better IR/BT keyboard support in pdaXrom, please petition Sash to include uinput and keybdev kernel modules in the next RC!
OZ 3.5.4 will provide that kernel modules for all machines (those with 2.6 kernel does not need keybdev as it is 2.4 only thing) - maybe this time kbdd will get more attention.

I cannot help with adding keybards anyway - lack of them make my abilities for help nearly null.
Cool! I'll definitely be taking a look at a kbdd solution for pdaXrom when I get a bit more time. My hacked up Xvkbd is ok as a quick hack but as a long term solution it leaves a lot to be desired.

However, for those who are both impatient and very brave, my hacked up Xvkbd seems to be working smile.gif You can grab the binary here or the hacked up source code (which includes the binary) here.

* This has virtually no testing
* Doesn't support any keyboard other than the one specific Belkin IR keyboard I have in my possesion
* Shift keys are sticky (just like the on-screen versions in Xvkbd) -- press once to turn on, press again to turn off
* I'm not likely to be able to fix any bugs until late next week so if you find something broken, don't hesitate to grab the source and have at it smile.gif
this goes on after I switch everything to icewm and update sylpheed

I fixed the behavior of the shift/ctrl/alt keys so they work like a normal keyboard. Also note that I've mapped "Escape" to the "Cmd" key (I use vi a lot and a multi key "Esc" just doesn't cut it).

It also ocurred to me that the 6000/1000/3X00 may use a different IR serial port than the "/dev/ttyS1" that the C760 uses. If that's the case you should be able to add the following line to "/etc/X11/app-defaults/XVkbd-common":

XVkbd.irPort: /dev/ttySX

Where "X" is the serial port number for your IR interface. I know old Zaurii use ttyS2 and the C7XX/C860 use ttyS1 -- don't know about other models.

Download from the links in my previous post.

Note that I haven't built up a fancy .ipk installer. Installation is simply a matter of copying the file "xvkbd" to "/usr/X11R6/bin/" (I highly recommend renaming the existing "/usr/X11R6/bin/xvkbd" file first so that you can revert back to it if mine doesn't work for you).
Your efforts are much appreciated!
BTW, what is the reason for the almost 100% CPU load showing when using it (on my 860)?
Also, is it difficult to add key repeat?
AWESOME. Thanks so much!
The 100% cpu load is because the code is in a "busy wait" loop checking for serial port and X events. Unfortunately upping the timeout on the serial port select kills the response time for the GUI. This is one of the reasons why the xvkbd hack is just a temporary stopgap solution.

As for repeat, I haven't looked into it and probably won't. This is "good enough" for now and I'll probably concentrate further efforts on getting kbdd going under pdaXrom.
QUOTE(kopsis @ Oct 4 2005, 06:04 AM)
I'll probably concentrate further efforts on getting kbdd going under pdaXrom.

Fair enough, I'll donate to the team to provide the needed kernel modules.
Kopis -- For being a quick hack, this is surprisingly good. biggrin.gif I just have to remember to pause periodically in my typing to let the screen catch up.

Being able to use my Belkin IR keyboard with pdaXrom is huge! It was one of the issues that kep me going back to other "ROMS." (Now I just have to figure out how to get moin-desktop to let me run as root or run it as another user).
Im glad the blekin is working, but I am using a targus, any chance someone can point me to the xkd referenced in the first post?

I plan to have a "zkbdd" beta release out by the end of the week that will "attempt" Targus support (I'll need help from actual Targus owners to test/debug it). Lots more details in my blog.
Its a very good news biggrin.gif. I have pocketop and palmOne keyboard. Really excited and eager to test biggrin.gif !! Cannot wait tongue.gif
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