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Full Version: ./gnu-tar Segmentation Fault
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Being a noob I've never gotten a segmentation fault before. I'm trying to get pocketworkstation going. I got the -big-*.tgz file from onto the sd, made sure that fstab said ext2 for the sd, downloaded and unpacked the gnu-tar package from Then I ./gnu-tar 'd the big package and got the segmentation fault as an error.

Can anyone tell me where to look to find a way to get through this?
Can you not just use normal 'tar'?

The seg fault is to do with your use of gnu-tar, whatever that is.

and exactly what was the actual commandline when you implemented ./gnu-tar'd?
These were the directions I followed, from
# download and decompress GNU tar, busybox tar is broken in some
# versions and messes up the archive contents
gunzip gnu-tar.gz

# create the destination directory
mkdir debroot

# Unpack if you haven't done so already.
# Don't forget the 'p' switch, or you'll get wrong permissions.
./gnu-tar -C debroot -xvzpf zaurus-debian-*.tgz

# Configure and integrate into native system

I tried tar and it seemed to work at first glance. I guess I'll just wait and see if the "archive contents" are messed up, whatever that means.
Continuing with my efforts to put pocketworkstation onto a c1000 running Hentges rom:

I now have the tar ball expanded on the sd card and have run the script. Things didn't work.

The vnc server seems to work. I can run vncserver and not get a fatal error, though there are several "Could not init font path -yada yada yada-, removing from list!" messages.

When I try to run Fbvnc I get a "connection from client", authentication succeeds, it says "Desktop name "root's x11 desktop (akita:1)"', then "Connected to VNC server, using protocol vers. 3.3", then it goes into a VNC server default format: -yada yada yada.

then the errors:

FBmouseopen: Error opening /dev/gpmdata, trying /dev/mouse
FBmouseopen: Error opening /dev/mouse
Skipping FBputcmap
read touchscreen: expected 20 bytes, got 8 (bad '-hw' type?)

then "Client gone"
framebuffer updates 0, rectangles 0, bytes 0

Oh yeah, and before I get all of this screen output, the screen clears and I am instructed to calibrate the screen by hitting the crosshairs. It lets me hit one crosshair dot then gives me the error output.

Any help as to what is going on?

I really like Opie-Hentges and would like to find a way to put pocketworkstation on without going back to the sharp rom. I have seen several posts mention that pocketworkstation works on OZ.

Alternative request: Does anyone know where a howto for a c1000 OZ pocketworkstation install is? I think that I am following instructions for a 7X0 and probably for the Sharp rom.
From the look of some of the error messages it would appear that it is at least slightly hardware dependant. What other machines have people had it running on?

The 5500 for certain as I've done that myself.

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