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Full Version: What Feeds Are Out There?
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Ok, this is a call to everyone who has their own feeds, and who have posted links to their feeds in other threads to put it down here. I keep coming across messages that have links to these really good feeds, and keep forgetting them.

The ones I have on my Z is as follows: - - rgrep
- burgerspace - This is a clone of the classic game "BurgerTime". In it, you play the
part of a chef who must create burgers by stepping repeatedly on the
ingredients until they fall into place. And to make things more
complicated, you also must avoid evil animate food items while performing
this task, with nothing but your trusty pepper shaker to protect you.

- dosfstools - Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems
Inside of this package there are two utilities to create and to
check MS-DOS FAT filesystems on either harddisks or floppies under
Linux. This version uses the enhanced boot sector/superblock
format of DOS 3.3+ as well as provides a default dummy boot sector

- drsync - Two-way remote file synchronisation uses rsync to synchronise between two directories
(local or remote), but stores state information for files,
so that it can be used in both directions, and can
cope with files created, modified or deleted in either

- e2fsprogs - The EXT2/EXT3 file system utilities.
EXT2 stands for "Extended Filesystem", version 2. It's the main
filesystem type used for hard disks on Debian and other Linux systems.
This package contains programs for creating, checking, and maintaining EXT2
and EXT3 filesystems, and the generic `fsck' wrapper.

- fdisk - Description: Disk partition table manipulation utilities
fdisk - Partition table manipulator
cfdisk - Curses based disk partition table manipulator

- flite - A small run-time speech synthesis engine
Flite is a small fast run-time speech synthesis engine. It is the
latest addition to the suite of free software synthesis tools
including University of Edinburgh's Festival Speech Synthesis System
and Carnegie Mellon University's FestVox project, tools, scripts and
documentation for building synthetic voices. However, flite itself
does not require either of these systems to run.

- gnupg - GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
GnuPG is GNU's tool for secure communication and data storage.
It can be used to encrypt data and to create digital signatures.
It includes an advanced key management facility and is compliant
with the proposed OpenPGP Internet standard as described in RFC2440.

- kismet - Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool
Kismet is a 802.11b wireless network sniffer. It is capable of sniffing
using almost any supported wireless card using the Airo, HostAP, Wlan-NG,
and Orinoco (with a kernel patch) drivers.

- msmtp - light SMTP client with support for server profiles
msmtp is an SMTP client that can be used to send mails from Mutt, other
MUAs (mail user agents), or the command-line. It forwards mails to an SMTP
server (for example at your ISP or a free mail provider), which takes care
of the final delivery.
Using profiles, it can be easily configured to use different SMTP servers
with different configurations, which makes it ideal for mobile clients.

- mutt - Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading
Mutt is a sophisticated text-based Mail User Agent. Some highlights:
* MIME support (including RFC1522 encoding/decoding of 8-bit message
headers and UTF-8 support).
* PGP/MIME support (RFC 2015).
* Advanced IMAP client supporting SSL encryption.
* POP3 support.
* Mailbox threading (both strict and non-strict).
* Default keybindings are much like ELM.
* Keybindings are configurable; Mush and PINE-like ones are provided as
* Handles MMDF, MH and Maildir in addition to regular mbox format.
* Messages may be (indefinitely) postponed.
* Colour support.
* Highly configurable through easy but powerful rc file.

- offlineimap - IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
OfflineIMAP is a tool to simplify your e-mail reading. With
OfflineIMAP, you can:
* Read the same mailbox from multiple computers, and have your
changes (deletions, etc.) be automatically reflected on
all computers
* Use various mail clients to read a single mail box
* Read mail while offline (on a laptop) and have all changes
synchronized when you get connected again
* Read IMAP mail with mail readers that do not support IMAP
* Use SSL (secure connections) to read IMAP mail even if your reader
doesn't support SSL
* Synchronize your mail using a completely safe and fault-tolerant
algorithm. (At least I think it is!)
* Customize which mailboxes to synchronize with regular expressions
or lists.
* Synchronize your mail two to four times faster than with other tools
or other mail readers' internal IMAP support.
In short, OfflineIMAP is a tool to let you read mail how YOU want to.

- paketto - he Paketto Keiretsu is a collection of tools that use new and unusual
strategies for manipulating TCP/IP networks.
This package includes:
* scanrand - a very fast port, host, and network trace scanner
* minewt - a user space NAT/MAT (MAC Address Translation) gateway
* lc (linkcat) - provides direct access to the network (Level 2)
* paratrace - a "traceroute"-like tool using existing TCP connections
* phentropy - plots a large data source onto a 3D matrix

- putty-tools - command-line tools for SSH, SCP, and SFTP

- putty - Telnet/SSH client for X

- rsync - fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
Bundabrg - Bundabrg
- apmwrapper - More advanced apm script that wraps the real apm executable.
This is compatible with the pdaxrom apm wrapper and should work with
the original apm file as well. It creates /etc/apm/suspend.d and
/etc/apm/resume.d directories and will execute the scripts in there
on a suspend or resume.
Will also wake the device up on events.

- chkhinge-scripts - Enhances the clamshell scripts
Creates closed.d, landscape.d and portrait.d under /etc/sysconfig/clamshell.
Scripts in these dirs will be executed each time the device enters one
of these states.

- mplay - mplayer wrapper for Zaurus.
Will drop the resolution to 320x240 and execute mplayer with commandline
useful for playing video fullscreen.

- pdaxrom-patchlist - A list of fixes/hacks I find useful.
- Creates a cron.hourly job that sets the "hardware" clock to minimize timeloss on a crash
- Adds scripts to /etc/apm directories to unmount all smbfs mounts before a suspend and to set the "hardware" clock on both suspend and resume to minimize time loss on crash
- Wraps xrandr so that when full resolution is selected (IE: xrandr -s 0) and matchbox-panel is running, it will restart matchbox-panel. This restores the applets that were killed due to lack of screen space.
- Patches /etc/profile PS1 to display in colour
- Adds .Xdefaults to root as posted by jerrybme
- Modify esd.conf to terminate and wait longer to start (rgrep)
- Added /usr/bin/playwave. It calls play. Fixes kopi alarm issue (danr, gromituk)

- wakeup-kopi - Provides a wakeup event for kopi. The zaurus will wake up
in time to view the next alarm
Throw an FAQ for making "feed" from set of files to me and I make as feed.
QUOTE(rmrfchik @ Aug 30 2005, 01:45 AM)
Throw an FAQ for making "feed" from set of files to me and I make as feed.

Here is the script I use:



update () {

    echo "Updating $1:"
    if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
 echo "`basename $0`: update() called without directory argument!"
 exit 1
 if [ ! -d $1 ]; then
     echo "`basename $0`: update() called on non-existant directory!"
     exit 1
    cd $1

    if ! echo *.ipk | grep -q '^\*'; then
 echo -n "Removing Packages..."
 rm -f Packages
 echo " done."

 for file in *.ipk; do
     echo -n "Adding $file..."
     tar xzOf $file ./control.tar.gz | tar xzOf - ./control | sed 's/ $//' >> Packages
     echo >> Packages
     echo " done."
     echo "No ipk files found."
     echo -n "Creating blank Packages file..."
     echo " done."


update $feed_dir

Make sure you change the "feed_dir" variable at the top to point to your feed directory.

program dir
cd dir; program

ps: it's not my script.
I've come to compile natively on my C860 JamVM 1.3.3, Jikes 1.22 and Classpath 0.18 for RC12 and intend to keep them uptodate for any new release of them and pdaXrom.

They can be found in my Cxx/860 zaurus feed for pdaXrom at

Included are also some other useful packages (thanks to Cortez and Willgan).

I've compiled also source and binary rpms of JamVM 1.3.3 and Classpath 0.18 for SuSE 10.0 at

Please test and let me know whether they work for you.
Laze, if you are interested, include them in the unstable feed or wherever you deem useful.

[Edit: fixed SuSE repository link]
Of course, there are still the feeds hosted by ScottYelich which contains tons of good stuff.
QUOTE(scheck.r @ Nov 7 2005, 09:27 AM)

Not there.
QUOTE(scheck.r @ Nov 7 2005, 09:27 AM)

Not there.

Yeap, I noticed that recently too, don't know what happened to website, it was up and running last month I checked, I hope it will be available again soon.
QUOTE(whit @ Dec 6 2005, 11:11 PM)
QUOTE(scheck.r @ Nov 7 2005, 09:27 AM)

Not there.

is now!
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