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Full Version: future hardware directions of C7xx / C8xx line?
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Does anyone know of any hints on the future directions of the C7xx or C8xx product line? I'm thinkig of things like wether future models would have built-in WiFi and/or Bluetooth, could be USB hosts, etc..
(Disclaimer: This is pure speculation, like most of the time, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about... biggrin.gif)

I'd say the next logical (read: evolutionary) step for Sharp would be a clamshell model with the features of the 6000, let's say a C9x0 with WiFi and/or Bluetooth included + USB Host capabilities. No idea how they would add a jacket to it though.

I figure a jacket would be easy. The 760 and 860 have that shell in the back to cover the bigger battery. Add a protruding piece that plugs into the usb port and voila!
I would love to see the C900 (lets call it that) with the screen size of the 6000 (4") along with the daylight visibility (transflective) screen.

For the form factor of the Cxxx series and bigger screen along with the keyboard would really make it more usable say with the X11 like full scale linux ROM's.
Really built-in wifi is not a big deal for me, since I would love to stick with expandable CF slots for such use. Maybe built-in bluetooth would be good.

Also USB host would be a great progression forward too.

And of course a higher capacity battery to boot too for all the extra work that it can now enable.
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