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Full Version: Howto: Firefox Media
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I had trouble getting Firefox to play nicely with video. I worked out a solution that does the job, well almost ... Although I'm sure we will have a better solution soon the following is at best a stop gap solution.

Install VLC, with your package manager of choice
---If you want music as well, I recomend you install xmms also.
(Install Firefox, if you havn't already done so)

Set up a swap (I used a 64M swapfile on a throw away sd card... swap on an SD card will destroy it quicky)

a. Fire up firefox, and open two tabs
b. Tab one type about:config in your addressbar and hit enter
c. put " general.useragent.vendorSub " in the filter box
d. Double tap the only line
e. Change value to 1.0.4

Go to the second tab and pull up
(leave the first tab open)

Return to the first tab and change the " general.useragent.vendorSub " value back to 1... and close the tab

Click install extenstion.

--You may have to set firefox to allow the site to install the extension, if this is the case don't panic, its easy. The on screen instructions will guide you.

Wait untill its finished installing.

close firefox and restart it.

At this point to new extention will load with firefox. A screen will pop up and search for media players. Make sure it finds VLC for video formats. Maybe play with some of VLC's settings to get it to play a little smoother. (Tip: F key = fullscreen)

Thats it.

Let me know if you need more keypress by keypress directions...

Also it would be cool if we could get some follow up posts with links to sites with videos that work well with VLC... it is so slow.

Any tips on speeding up VLC?
not a speed up.. but a suggestion.
I use swapd-- there is an ipk available-- it dynamically manages swapfiles. I've been using it on this sd card for about 8 months... no problems.
have you been able to get vlc to play .ogm files?
Thanks for the tip...
I haven't tried any .ogm files, I don't have any.
I thought I would start off with my own video link. Some of the trailors on work to different degrees.

Is any one else excited about the Aeon Flux movie?
Sound seemed to stop a second or two into the video, then even after reloading it... no sound.

Anyone know why video playback is worse on my C1000 with a 400+mhz processor, then it was on my 200mhz SL5500? Is it the overhead of running X? It's not much better in console mode with mplayer?
2 things.
Mplayer also loads faster, but has its framebuffer inconveniences in full effect
No sound in quicktime?! Am I missing a lib or a codec or something? ot is it simply a sreaming/decoding rate or sync issue?

Edit: cnn complains about a missing windows media plaer 9 plugin anyway. vlc codec issue, or cnn issue?
I think its an extension issue.
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