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Full Version: Stupid Wireless Ad-hoc Network Question
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Hi All,
As the title of the thread states, I am having a bit of a problem trying to create a wireless ad-hoc network. I have an D-Link AP at home that is working fine with the z C3100. I have the Planex CF card (bought it in Japan when I bought the z wink.gif

In any event, My problem is I don't have a wireless access point at work and was hoping to use my laptop to create a peer to peer network that I could use to get out on my work lan and out to the internet.

Here is the problem: Using the stock ROM and network configuration utility I created a connection called zaurus1. For now I am using no WEP encryption just to see if I can get a connection. I am trying to connect to a Dell Latitude X300 running Win XP sp1. (Yeah I know, I do have Suse 9.3 on it as well but haven't really tried it with that yet). Anyway, after setting up both the laptop and the z to have common ssid's, and compatible IP's (Not on my work lan subnet). The Win XP box tells me that it has connected to zaurus1. Funny, the planex card link light on the z isn't even on. When I try to connect using the configuration that I created for it , it cannot connect to the zaurus1 network. The funny thing is, if I change the mode from ad-hoc to infrastructure with otherwise the same settings, the z says it is connected however, I can't ping either the laptop or the z.

Going back to the subject of my post, I am hoping it is something really stupid that I am forgetting or something. Any and all help is very much appreciated!


BTW if you need any other information, please let me know and I'll post it.
why you dont enable the internet share option on the wifi card?
Your laptop will act as a access point.
Are you talking about internet connection sharing in winxp? I tried it once at home but had an ip conflict because windoze won't let you change the ip for sharing...I should try it at work.

Actually I solved it (kinda) by buying this:

Its alot easier to carry around to meetings and most meeting rooms have at least one cat5 jack in them.
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