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Full Version: Sl-c3100 And Serial (modem, Gps...) Cf Cards
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Hi all,

we're actually monitoring some issues with the SL-C3100 and
could need some user feedback.

Serial communicating CF cards like Bluetooth, GPS, Modem cards
are not working with the SL-C3100 (while running fine with the
SL-C1000/3000). This also effects only cards with serial communication.
Memory / WiFi / Lan cards are fine.

We were able to reproduce the problems with the Billionton
Bluetooth card. Also we had a user report that a Billionton GPS
card ran for a day, but never again.

At the moment we have no idea, what the problem with the
C3100 is. To solve this, we need more data and user feedback.

So our big question to the community is:
If you use CF cards that use serial communication, please post
here if they work or if you have problems.

Thanks a lot for your help,


Marc Stephan
QUOTE(TRIsoft @ Aug 30 2005, 12:30 AM)
If you use CF cards that use serial communication, please post
here if they work or if you have problems.

I use a SL-C3100 with Billington serial GPS receiver card and it works not very stable.

As soon as the card is removed once it may not work again. Reinserting the card some times help.

If I insert the card and the blue led start blinking, it won't work. In this case, the dmesg will output a single line of "<<<< Init_Module PASS >>>". This seems to never hapen after a clean reboot.

If I insert it and it does not blink, it will work. In this case, the dmesg log has two new lines:

ttyS03 at port 0xf60003f8 (irq = 135) is a 16550A

To detemine whether "the card works", I use "gpsd -s 4800 -p /dev/ttyS3 -D 99" and start qpegps afterwards.

I use the translated NAND-sharp-rom from trisoft (for C3100, of course ;). Kernel is still 2.4.20 with, I assume, the Sharp-patched serial module (But better ask trisoft about this ;).

after removing the card, it states: "pxa_pcmcia_init(0)". If the card worked before, an additional "ttyS03 unloaded" follows.

If the card is in "does not work" - state, suspending/resuming the whole Zaurus will not help. In fact, anything beside reinserting or rebooting will help.

Dunno, whether it is only a SL-C3100 Problem, since I only own this device.

If you want me to try anything out to help you, please say so. :-) I will install and try your debug-code, debug-kernel etc. ;-)

Ciao, Imi.
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