Dear all Zaurus prof.....

I found encl. URL (in Japanese) about driving Sony HiMD by C3000, follow info fm that site, but not success, pls. teach my newbie if anyone got experience to be got succeed.......

Since info is written in japanese, may I rewrite the procedure that writer wrote.
(remark: thks. great about the writer to publish/share this topic to us)

Step 1 - create a mount directory
# mkdir /mnt/md

Step 2 - add the line into the file /etc/fstab
/dev/sda /mnt/md vfat noauto,users,iocharset=utf8,codepage=932,umask=000,noatime 0 0

Step 3 - Create a file /etc/usbmgr/

case $ACTION in
/bin/mount /mnt/md
while test "$RETRY" -gt 0 -a "$?" -gt 0
do sleep 1
RETRY=`expr $RETRY - 1`
/bin/mount /mnt/md
/bin/umount /mnt/md

Step 4 - change /etc/usbmgr/ to be executable??
# chmod +x /etc/usbmgr/

Step 5 - add below line into /etc/usbmgr/usbmgr.conf
# Sony MD Walkman MZ-NH1
vendor 0x54c product 0x17f script module scsi_mod , sr_mod , usb-storage

Step 6 - execute update_usbdb
# update_usbdb /etc/usbmgr/usbmgr.conf