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Full Version: Suggestions Needed
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Hey all,

After the CF Slot on my c860 died Ihave decided to upgrade to a C1000 (was gonna cost 415 euros for repair, 420 euros for a reconditioned C860 or 490 Euros for a c1000). Anyway, I was wanting to see what software you, the zaurus experts, would suggest I use for the apps I need.

I would like to use pdaXrom as that is what I had installed on the c860 but I am open to other roms.

Basic list of applications follows:

Web browser (would like firefox but may be a better suggestion)
Remote desktop control
Video playback (DivX/Xvid if possible)
Audio Playback (thinking XMMS Embedded)
IRC (Xchat probably)
Word Processing
IP Scanning

If you guys could give me any ideas you have I would greatly appriciate it smile.gif

Thanks in advance
Grab Hentges. It's -nicely- polished.
Or wait a while, and new versions of pdaxrom and OZ will be out.
Why wait for PdaXrom, there is RC-10.4 running already and pretty stable for C1000, see PdaXrom threads for that.

Dillo(great) or Links-g(with graphics) or firefox(but slow), Remote desktop control ? , Mplayer, XMMS, KA-PI, KO-PI, Sylpheed or thunderbird, Xchat, Abiword, Gnumeric, IP Scanning ?
Also: GQview is nice, along with ROX-file manager
10.4 stable? crazy. I took it down after an unstable release. Still waiting for a more stable version.
For a lot of those, you could try installing Meanie's X/QT Jumbo package:


I think this will give you access to things like FireFox and Xmms and Xirc

You can also use it to install OpenOffice:


Which should take care of your WordProcessing/Spreadsheet needs

Sharp's PIM is barely acceptible. I find Ko/Pi and Ka/Pi to cluttered for the small screen of the Z.

I believe that kino/mplayer is part of the upcoming Cacko Rom, I may be wrong, others are free to correct me on this, and that should play your video files.
Thanks for the replies everyone smile.gif

I really want to try the pdaXrom so that is my first port of call (already downloaded it and I don't even have the Zaurus yet lol)

To answer your questins scheck.r

Remote Desktop Control - I was basically looking for something along the lines of a VNC client.

IP Scanning- Not as dodgy as it sounds. In my line of work I could use something that will scan an IP range and tell me which IPs return a ping request.
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