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Full Version: Charging Light Stays On
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I spent a couple hours or so looking in these forums and others and haven't figured out what the problem is.(maybe I'm not understanding batteries) I plug in the charger for my SL - 5500 and the charging light stays on all day. I've left it plugged in for a day and half and it seems that its not charging but the light is on supposedly telling me it is charging the battery.
I just recently bought this zaurus and I plugged it in to charge since a note came with it saying I need to charge the battery for 24hrs. Now I'm still trying to charge the battery and I don't have an external charger and cannot afford to buy one since I just bought the zaurus.
I'm at a loss so if anyone could point me in the right direction or suggest anything it would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not send my new zaurus back from where it came.

What kind of charger are you using?

Which 'rom' do you have on it?

charger is AC model ea-70 and i just bought a universal digial camera and pda charger.
i have no idea whats on it for rom or anything else since i haven't been able to turn it on since all i'v been doing since i got this was charge it. I left it running over night and the light is still on, when I press the on button nothing doesnt turn on charging light still stays on. I wrote to the place where I bought this and they haven't responed yet. I hope to hell this isnt staying dead or they sent me a DOA since I need up and running for class. let me know if you all needanymore info.
after a day and half, your Z should be able to turn on. My guess since you don't have anything of yours installed is to unplug from the charger, open the battery compartment and hit the reset button. After that, try starting the Z (with or without the ac plugged in).
i've tried that numorus times and still nothing. Another thing I've noticed is everytime I unplug and plug the AC connector I have to press the reset button to have the charge light come on. I read somewhere that even without the battery just the AC adapt that it should power on. I guess its a DOA.
well i took it apart and put it back together and i fianlly got something the service menu. I have no idea if there any OS on it. Is there anyway to tell either in the service menu or otherwise? Everytime I press the reset button it takes me to the service menu. I'm assuming I have to install some OS.
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