In order to provide a choice of user interfaces in guylhem distro for a 6000, I would like to know :
- which GCC toolchain is used in pdaxrom (2.95.3? 3.3? 4.0? 4.0/EABI ?)

2.95.3 would be fine. We could also both migrate to EABI - that'd be great.

- how much space is required by the X specific part (my distro is quite complete - IMHO it only needs X11R6 on top)

Ideally, I'd like to have everything fitting in the 64 Mb of flash - in the worst case, on external SD/CF with a choice for the user on which part would be on external media and which part in internal flash.

Feel free to contact me by email (guylhem at gmail dot com) or post in the "guylhem rom" forum.