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Full Version: Bluetooth Dialup Password Handling (rc10) Still
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OK, I've had this utterly useless bluetooth card for 3 months now. PLEASE can someone give me a hint where to go with this?

I've set up my nokia 6600 phone to dial the phone number of a dial-up access rack I admin. (I work for an ISP) Running Opera web browser under symbian on the phone I can browse perfectly.

I've set up a ppp profile with pdaXrom to dial the same number using bluetooth via the nokia.

When it does so, it gets as far as authentication with the radius servers handling that rack, where it fails because it insists on enclosing the password in double-quotes.

Here are sample log entries from the radius server, with my phone number & password obscured:

Fri Sep 2 02:00:19 2005 : Auth: Login incorrect: [newk/"password"] (from client maxdss04 port 20103 cli 8561112222)
Fri Sep 2 02:03:14 2005 : Auth: Login OK: [newk@/password] (from client maxdss04 port 20103 cli 8561112222)

Clearly there is one glaring difference between the two entries. The first is with pdaXrom in control, the second is with the nokia running on its own.

-edit- nobody even commented on the other glaring difference, the '@' in the usernames... I forgot to address that: the radius server strips the '@' before authenticating, so it's not 'really' there. Unfortunately it has no provisions to similarly strip quotes from the password... -/edit-

I've tried manually editing /etc/ppp/chap-secrets and /etc/ppp/pap-secrets to remove the quotes within those files, but pppd is still wrapping the password, choking radius on an 'invalid' password.

How can I fix this? How can I convince pppd NOT to put double-quotes around the password?

Update, no good news...

The dialups I'm connecting through are Ascend MaxHPs, and I inserted username and password directly into their config. (normally the Ascends defer to the radius server, but I bypass that and let the Ascends handle authenticating this specific user/pass combo directly) It still fails. If I manually edit the radius users file, or the Ascend config, and force the password to be double-quoted ( = '"password"' to achieve that) it will connect correctly. But ONLY if I set the respective passwords to password on the Zaurus, but "password" on the server or ascend...

The problem seems to me to be clearly at 'my' end, with the Z. I don't know if it's ppp itself, or something specific to the pdaXrom build of it - googling doesn't find any bugreports on ppp about the issue, or any mailinglist threads discussing it, making me suspicious that it's limited to the pdaXrom build...

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