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Full Version: Lisp On Openzaurus
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Has anyone been able to compile some Lisp interpreter for OpenZaurus or is there one already available? I may be blind, but I haven't been able to find one. Thanks.
Maxima comes with a Common Lisp processor. My maxima folder is located in /mnt/card/maxima. Buried deeply is "/mnt/card/maxima/lib/maxima/5.9.1/binary-clisp/".
TinyScheme ( runs on my Oz 3.5.3 machine (collie) just fine. For convenience, I made myself an ipk which can be readily installed on Oz 3.5. It's a small package, just some 36 kb compressed. If anyone wants to have it, just let me know.
A .bb file would have been nice as well wink.gif

Anyway I've just added one to OE and it'll be in all future feeds.
QUOTE(Mickeyl @ Sep 5 2005, 12:07 PM)
A .bb file would have been nice as well  wink.gif

Hi Mickey,

well I'd love to be able to build Oz 3.5.4 myself. ;-) I did set up the cross compiling environment, but I'm on a slow connection here at home so checking out the complete OE repo is not an option (will try that when I'm back at the university). Any chance that an openembedded-oz3.5.4 tarball will be uploaded in the near future?

I also tried building 3.5.3 (after downgrading bitbake to 1.1), but it always gives me the error "install: cannot stat `flex': No such file or directory" during do_populate_staging when trying to build the flex package (although the flex tarball gets downloaded correctly). sad.gif

Well, as soon as I get this to work I might even be tempted to do a .bb for a full clisp package (clisp won't build on the Z itself, due to lack of some commands used in clisp's non-standard configury). And of course I'll also create .bb's for Q (currently I compile this on the Zaurus, which works but takes ages of course).

In the meantime it would be great if someone with a working cross-compiling environment could add a libxslt package (libxml2 is already there, but most serious xml applications need libxslt as well).

BTW, returning to the thread's topic, those interested in functional programming on the Zaurus might want to check out Q as well. It's a modern-style FP language based on term rewriting and comes with a fairly complete POSIX system interface; Oz 3.5.3 packages are available at

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