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Full Version: Emacs And Clisp Packages
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Please find ipkgs for a console emacs (no x11 or qtopia yet) and clisp at

For those who are unfamiliar with these packages, here are some brief descriptions.

emacs is an editor that contains a lisp interpreter, mail/news reader, IDE (for many languages), and optionally a web browser. This package is not GUIfied, so you should simply run emacs in a terminal window. It is a very large package compared to other zaurus packages, so make sure you have room before installing it. This build installs in /usr/local which is probably ill-behaved. This package requires libncurses4, although it is not in the dependencies list.

clisp is a common lisp implementation. It seems to be fairly ANSI Common Lisp compliant. This clisp package requires libreadline5 (which is also in the feed).

These packages were compiled on my SL-C3000 with no special flags. Both packages run fine on my zaurus with its big disk, but I don't claim that it will run properly on any other zaurus. That said, if you run these packages, please let me know how you fared.

I was just going to compile clisp myself. when I discovered your posting. Thanks for the packages.

Thanks for the packages!

Has anyone figured out how to get font-lock to work with console Emacs on the Z? It seems to only do things like underline or inverse video. I can't get more colors. I've tried Terminal and Qkonsole, both of which can display a variety of colors when I 'ls'.
I added

export TERM=linux

to /home/zaurus/.bashrc and now I have pretty colors in Emacs. smile.gif
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